Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Rachel has stepped up efforts to gain independence through movement. The other night, she kept popping up all over the place like Pip and Pop. She'd be in one place banging on her music table, then all the sudden she was giggling and she banged on an overturned basket, and then all of the sudden she was holding onto my legs bouncing on her tiptoes as she started up at me laughing.

While the balance isn't there yet for complete walking, Rachel gets around pretty good. When there's a wall or piece of furniture, she'll use that for support. And when there's a gap too large to transition, she gracefully plops unto her backside, rolls to her side, springs onto all fours and crawls quickly across the distance before climbing back to her feet.

She's taken too chewing on the rubber protector we put around the coffee table. We don't see any teeth marks in it, or any indication that she's degrading the integrity, or getting any pieces in her mouth, but we hope she grows out of that by the time the new coffee table (sorry, apparently they're now called "cocktail tables") is delivered next weekend. Or else we'll have to keep that in another room until she's done with the table-biting phase.

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