Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wake UP!

Our little one has taken to waking at night again. Sometimes I think it's because of the cough, but sometimes she's hungry. Which I do not get. We get home from work and she gets fed, then we eat (occasionally vice-versa), then she gets her shower, then she eats again and goes to bed. How can she possibly wake up hungry?

In other news, there are now two others at her school who share her birthday. We met one of them, Trinity, today. She was born at the same hospital later the same day. Trinity also does not sleep through the night.

In other, other news, J&M are expecting. They suffered a number of miscarriages before having their first daughter, but were trying unsuccessfully for the past two or so years to have a second child. D&L should be welcoming their second any time now.

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