Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now?

If I were buying a baby monitor today... I would buy one with at least two, maybe three monitoring station. Each evening the baby monitor moves from the bedroom to the living room. Sometimes it moves on to the kitchen or den and then eventually back to the bedroom. The cord is messed up, from all the moving and from being chewed up by a cat. So eventually I'll be at Radio Shack getting patronized by some dork to get a new adapter/cord for the monitor and did I want to sign up for a two year contract with Sprint while I'm at it?


James said...

Speaking of which, how long should one monitor their child? I was thinking until she was 18 (switching later to some door and window contact senors tied into our brinks alarm), but I'd like to hear from other parents. How long do you use the baby monitor?


as someone who just watched a teenager for four days, I can tell you that they require an entirely different form of monitoring.

There is also, I suppose, an argument to be made that a parent never stops monitoring children... good parents anyway.

James said...

Yeah... like a GPS ankle bracelet?