Thursday, September 22, 2005

Humiliation Express

I was originally responding to Kevin's comment on the most recent audio file, but realized it might make for a good post on its own.

I will try to keep the humiliating pictures to a minimum. The most potentially humiliating don't make it onto the site and you'll notice that they are the first to be pruned when I need to make room each month for the new ones.

I hope she will see it as an interesting way to see the history of her life she can't remember.
I would be fascinated to see myself as a baby on video or audio. I hope this running commentary, video, audio and photos will also mean a very different kind of relationship with my children than past generations have had with theirs.

I will be "mean OLD dad" but I want her to know that I was still (relatively) young when she came into the world. She helped her mom and I to grow up, but we, too, were once children. I know you have to avoid being the "pal" or "buddy" to your kids at the detriment of boundaries, rules and the "wisdom" of being a parent, but I hope that I can have the same kind of friendship with my children as Lori has with her mom.

Hopefully that this will show her that as she's learning about life, so we still are as well.

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