Monday, April 14, 2008


More and more things are getting checked off the list. Today I installed the car seat bases in both cars. When we bought the Santa Fe, the salesperson couldn't tell us whether it had LATCH or not. We were certain that it must, but the instruction manual said nothing about it. And considering it was only the second year the car had been available, if the manual said it didn't have it, then maybe foriegn cars weren't required to have it or something...?

After numerous times of installing and removing the car seat bases and the next age seat over the years, I discovered today that the Hyundai does in fact have LATCH. Apparently they just copied that section out of a different car manual and never went back and updated?

Anyhow, it's done. Now, no one can ride in Lori's truck except us two adults and the two kids. And there's one fewer spots for adults in my car meaning I don't have to cart around my entire group anymore when we go to lunch.

Bags are packed, lists are prepared. Still no nursery for the baby, but we're feeling good about our progress, otherwise.

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