Monday, April 21, 2008

Could Be Any Time, Could Be 3 1/2 Weeks

My due date is 3 1/2 weeks from today. Not all that far, but I've been feeling like Ben isn't going to wait that long. I had contractions off and on throughout the weekend, but particularly on Friday night (every 3 to 5 minutes for 4 hours, except when I would lay down) and during the day on Saturday. I know it was false labor because it would subside when I laid down, but one of these times, it's going to be the real thing.

He's pushing so hard that it makes me think he's trying to find his way out. We've considered using a flashlight to help him figure it out, but I don't know how effective that would be. I had a nonstress test at the doctor's office this morning (they've been monitoring fetal movement and heartrate because of my gestational diabetes) and briefly spoke to the doctor. She said it could be another week or two. Then again, could be longer. She did some feeling of my abdomen and thinks he's about 5 pounds; she also thought he may have turned breech, but I'll have an actual exam on Friday and I think she'll know more then. I've been feeling lots of kicking up high, so I think he's still head down like he's supposed to be. I'm not going to worry about it unless I find out I have reason to. And even then, worrying isn't going to change things, so what's the point?

At any rate, we're getting very close to the end, perhaps closer than we know. No nursery still and we won't be able to get one ready for a while, but my mom did find a part-time job so is hopefully on her way to filling in the rest of the time and finding her own place so we get the room back. Other than that, we're preparing the best we can. We have a temporary space for the changing table, a co-sleeper in our room, playyard in the living room, cradle for the family room downstairs, diapers and wipes on hand, a small supply of 2-oz. formula bottles for desperate nights when I need a break, plenty of baby clothes...I'm working on getting the miscellaneous baby items cleaned up and/or washed in the laundry - things like the baby bathtub, Baby Bjorn carrier, activity gym, bottles, breast pump, and all the other things I just dug out of the crawlspace and the garage.

Our church is throwing us a baby shower this Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to attend, unless Ben decides to be born then. And James' work is giving us a shower next Thursday, 5/1. I'm a little more dubious about making it until then, but we'll see. Ben may surprise me and end up deciding to wait until his due date (5/16) after all.

So we're feeling pretty good in terms of preparedness and we feel ready to welcome Ben any time he decides to make his appearance! I'm definitely feeling like I've moved past the fear of labor pain to "I'd like him out now," so that's good in terms of mental preparation, I think. Every day he waits is a day to get a few more things crossed off of my to-do list and to be even more prepared, so I'll try not to be impatient and just see what happens.

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heather said...

this is so exciting! how wonderful that ben's arrival is so close. i hope everything goes smoothly for you!