Tuesday, April 05, 2005


About two weeks ago I had to pick up Rachel by myself (usually Lori and I carpool). One caregiver was holding Rachel, another stood nearby whlie another child stood in a playpen crying. The caregiver was rubbing Rachel's temple, which I could see was red. I came in and they said something had happened and I asked what and one of the caregivers spat out "Robert bit her!"

I learned later that they're not supposed to tell you who bit or hit your child, but I guess it had just happened and they were kind of annoyed. Yep, sure enough, there was a bite mark on the side of her face. I was pretty ticked at Robert.

The next day a colleague said her son manages to come home with bite marks once a month. They won't tell her who did it, but her son is big enough that he tells her. That made me feel better. Later that night, she had a toy and she was smacking me in the face with it. I really hoped that she hadn't hit Robert like that before he bit her, or else I'd have to feel guilty about my anger at him.

Well, the bite mark is gone, and I'm no longer annoyed with Robert. At some point, we may find out that Rachel has bit or hit some other child.

Funny story... we have friends who have quads. Their children make up four of the six children at their daycare. They will often get two incident reports... one will say "Your child was bitten by another child." And a second one that reads "Your child bit another child." We had a good laugh when we heard that.

In other news, we'd like to join D&LC and big brother M in welcoming new baby MSC! (Born 8:37 pm, 4/4/05)

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