Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pretty Pink Pancakes

Yesterday morning we had pancakes and Lori said it was ok for Rachel to try pancakes. Because I am no good at following instructions, I added red food coloring to them, just for fun. Lori gave Rachel a few torn up pancakes and then I suggested maybe we could give her a whole one, with supervision, to see if she would eat it without trying to stuff the entire thing into her mouth. Well, she grabbed up that pancake, stuck it partially in her mouth, ripped off a piece and ate it, like she's been eating pancakes with her hands all her life. She seemed to really enjoy it. She's always happiest when she thinks she's eating the same foods we are.


Anonymous said...

God, that's cute!!! :) I want pink pancakes. Great idea.


When you've taught her to eat Cheerios out of a frying pan... that'll be something special.

James said...

HA! I'm never going to live that down, or live that up, am I? You laughed so stinking hard.

(For those not in the know, it was Wayne's turn to do dishes again and there was no clean bowls and I was hungry.)


It was just so comedically typical of all of us in those days.

Take 10 seconds to rinse out a bowl for cereal, or just pour Cheerios and milk into a frying pan?

There are moments, al-be-it rare, when I miss college life.

James said...

There's more to it than that.

Wash a bowl and thus make it one less bowl that Wayne needs to wash, or use a frying pan and make it one more item that Wayne must wash?

I also loved pushing Wayne's car into the backyard and then standing there casually talking by the window when he came out of the bedroom in the morning and walked past us and then backed up to look at his car in the backyard and then continued on to the kitchen.