Friday, April 08, 2005

Cruisin' USA

Yesterday was different. Rachel home sick for the second day in a row and I stayed home with her. Other than Sesame Street and Bear in the Big Blue House, I kept the TV off all night. Anything and everything was a reason to try. I'm out of Cheerios. Wah. You're not feeding me fast enough. Wah. I dropped my toy. Wah. Stop wiping my face. Wah. A new diaper? Wah. She, obviously, wasn't feeling her best.

Lori's mom joined us for dinner. After dinner, Lori's mom was sitting on the floor playing with Rachel and we sat down on the floor, too. Rachel was playing a little bit with the push-walker. Lori's mom puts her behind the walker and she just takes off, basically the thing is going faster than she can keep up and she tears across the room until she hits a table and stops. It wasn't a long distance and she wasn't in any danger of getting hurt, but it really looked like she aimed for the table in order to stop herself.

Obviously not Rachel. More info on toy from Fisher-Price
So Lori and I got down on the floor and had her try to walk from one of us to the other. She did and we'd all clap and we'd turn the walker around so she could go the other way. A lot of the times on her way to me, she'd turn and end up hitting the table. And she'd either stand there crying or fall to sitting and crawl the rest of the way. If she didn't crawl, I'd have to hold my hands out so she could take them and walk the rest of the way.

And when we thought she might be growing tired and didn't turn the walker around for her, she crawled back. So we kept letting her walk back and forth between us to the point where she was just getting exhausted, poor thing. But she was really mastering it. It would be fun to see what she does with the one at her school where there's more room to go. Maybe we'll get there early enough tomorrow morning to play with her a little bit on it before we're off to work.

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