Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Walk Like an Egyptian

We're going to count today as the official first time she walked. She had made independent steps before, but they were almost always a single step and pretty much just going with momentum. But tonight she made the decision to let go of the coffee table and stood the for a second or two and then stepped forward, lifting her left leg, bringing it forward, pausing for a second or two, then bringing the other leg forward and then paused a second time. Then Lori caught her before she fell onto her backside. Of course, she would not repeat well for the video or still camera, but here's a shot with her stepping while not holding on to anything.

(Lori doesn't know this but I had been working with her on clapping. But she would show a tendency to try to clap even before that whenever we were singing in church and everyone was clapping along.)

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