Friday, January 26, 2007

Do Veggies Rock?

Ok, I like Rebecca St. James. She's a great singer, a Christian singer. With names I like, such as Rebecca, Saint and James in her name.

And I like Veggie Tales.

But I do not like "Veggie Tales Theme" by Rebecca St. James on the "Veggie Rocks" album.

Sounds stupid. Cadence is all wrong. Way too much guitar. She sings "prah-duce" and "brah-colli" and "Veggie Tales" instead of "veggietales!" (If you know the theme, you know what I mean by "veggietales!")

Just listening to it made me angry and agitated.

So I guess I wouldn't recommend the album as a future gift for Rachel.

Unless the rest of the album does, as per its namesake, in fact rock.

After rating the "Theme" a do-not-play, I rated the rest of the album high so that I'll hear other songs.

RSJ will get to keep her 70 rating for now, but she best not do more stuff like that. I'm just saying...

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