Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Rachel has gotten a cold. Don't know if she caught it from someone at church or if taking her sledding was enough to bring down her defenses and allow her to catch something. But now she has a scratchy "cold" voice and she's had poor sleep the last few nights.

But, that's not stopped her from completely resisting naps. She seems to be saying that's she with daytime naps. Nothing's working, she'll cry ferociously and play and talk and sing, but she won't sleep. Even with new blackout curtains hung, she just won't sleep.

And I spoke too soon about the toddler bed -- she will now hop out seconds after we put her in bed and the door knob is rattling, or the door is opening. If there's a gate up, she'll stand at the door calling out, and if there's no gate, she'll wander around until she finds us and tells us she's done sleeping. She's probably getting 9-11 hours of sleep total these days. That will make Lori's life more crazy if the naps are truly done. I'm sure for the short-term she'll continue putting Rachel down for naps, hoping she'll give in.

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