Sunday, January 18, 2009

Steel Trap Mind

Four or five months ago, I was reading "The Pixar Touch" - an unauthorized look at Pixar.  A really great read that really makes you feel connected to this amazing company and its people.  Often, I would read it aloud to Rachel at night after she had gone to bed.  After she'd fall asleep, I'd continue reading.

This afternoon we were watching the Pixar retrospective on the Wall-E DVD.  It was doing all the beginning stuff, talking about CalArts and all.  And it shows the students from the first animation class, which included Andrew Stanton, Tim Burton and Brad Bird, zooming in on each student as their name is mentioned.  And Rachel who had been somewhat bored with the video to this point suddenly pipes up "I've seen that picture before.  It was in the Pixar book you read to me."  Seriously.  A black white photo from a few decades ago of a bunch of 20-somethings with funny hair and big mustaches.

Yes, this was a Pixar movie, but still.. this attention to detail she has is spooky sometimes.

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