Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wrong Question

Tonight, during the drive home, Rachel asked "Mom?" and then waited for Lori to finish what she was saying.  When Lori answered her, Rachel asked "How long until we get home?" And then immediately "That wasn't what I was going to ask.  But I forgot, so I said that instead."  Love how her mind works.


Tonight, we were getting Ben ready for bed and Lori was washing under his chin with a wipe.  He laughed so loud in that way only tiny babies can.  Rachel was in the room, too, so I tickled her.  Soon, everyone was tickling everyone else.  A very special moment.


Ben wants to walk.  He will pull himself up on anything he can, but then he'll try to let go, or only touch any surfaces with the lightest of touch, this evening going so far as to figure that if he used his elbow, he'd have two hands free to grab the remote off the coffee table and shove in his mouth.  He is just fascinated by the silver remote for some reason.  He gets quite frustrated when he falls or can't keep his balance and I think he'll walk before he crawls. 

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