Sunday, November 09, 2003

Fireworks and the Book

I think The Wife might have had a spell of nesting yesterday. Either that, or the every-few-month time where she looks at the piles of papers she's allowed to collect at the side of her bed and decides they're precariously close to falling over and crushing a cat. Anyhow, she found the book and I've started reading it. It would have been a really cool way for her to tell me. No wonder she was bummed.

Earlier this week we were to meet with a representative of ADT who was going to give us an offer on a home security system. They didn't show and called 90 minutes later to apologize, some story about calling the wrong number to request they dispatch someone else when he realized he wasn't going to be able to make our appointment. I told them to hold off and we'd think about rescheduling. Sure enough, 5 minutes after his call, two calls in a row from different numbers at Alarm King. I'm sorry, but that's a cheesy name for a company. Makes me think of Homer's "Mr. Plow" company. But I'm not sure... I did request information directly from ADT. Is that who they referred? Some company in another county? If so, lame.

For the second morning in a row, we've been woken up by idiots lighting off fireworks. I don't know why. But if it keeps up, I'm going to call the Sheriff and say that someone's lighting off fireworks or shooting a small caliber gun, but that it's probably fireworks. We know exactly who it is. And we're disappointed because they're the only ones in our neighborhood doing renovations and expanding their house. We were kind of hoping that we were riding the forefront of change buying in this neighborhood, the only one we could afford, but most people seem to be content to stay, often 5+ in a house, instead of realizing there would be serious money to be made if they'd move. But we have The Puppy (getting bigger every day) and we'll ultimately get the security system and a fence out front. We still have a few months.

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