Sunday, November 30, 2003

That Vital Milestone

Your raging hormones should be calming down a bit and you may notice your nausea tapering off. Most women kiss regular morning sickness goodbye now (though queasiness can return periodically throughout pregnancy). This week, your baby's face looks practically human. Her eyes have moved closer together and her ears are right where they should be. Your baby is nearly 3 inches long now and has entered what is known as the fetal period, when tissues and organs rapidly grow and mature. -- from

This past weekend was spent with my parents, the first time since they found out that we were expecting. It was by far the best time we've spent with them.

The Wife has also seen this Blog now. She's pointed out a few minor errors that have not been corrected, but what can you do?

And the weekend before that was on a church retreat. We shared with a number of couples in private little announcements just to them. Seriously, this is the way to do it. They feel honored at being told and you get to experience excitement over and over again from them. The rest of the department found out by email this week as well. On Wednesday, our small group learns the news at our end-of-the-study potluck.

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