Friday, November 14, 2003

Widening the circle...

A few days ago I told someone in our small group because he emailed me something that was aimed at dads and then wrote again later saying that he sent it to all guys in the small group because even if they weren't dads he figured that (a) they might be dads someday or (b) they might see their role as helping the other fathers in the class to be better dads. I wrote him back and said 061204 was my new lucky number and that it had absolutely no meaning, certainly not a date or anything. He knew what I meant and offered his support, ready to answer any questions I might have. He has a young 'un himself, that's why I told him.

Then today I told the one remaining co-worker in my group who I hadn't told. The Wife told a few more close friends today as well.

And today Kevin and Allison are going to get a cryptic email from me telling them to go to some website. When they get to that website, it will instead bounce them here. Hi, Kevin, Hi, Allison. I'm going to be a dad!

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