Sunday, November 02, 2003

Gettin' serious

The Wife is now reporting more "queasiness." She doesn't want to say nausea, she doesn't think it's at that level yet, just queasiness. The gag reflex is also more pronounced, so she cancelled her dentist appointment.

The Wife told her entire department of six. I thought she was just telling her bosses, but she told the entire group. So I told a few more people than planned. I told my boss' boss and my direct boss. My boss' boss had a really cool reaction, wanted to pray for us and told me about the efforts it took for him and his wife to have kids (basically as soon as they gave up, it happened.) And then I told my other boss. He's engaged to someone in the department who is my project manager one day a week and they're good friends, so I had to tell them both because it wasn't fair to tell him and then ask him not to tell her. He thanked me for not making him carry that burden. Then I told a co-worker who has a 8-month old. I prefaced it with the fact that I wasn't telling people yet. There was no one else in the office at the time, but I pulled out the ultrasound and she did the most amazing thing: the biggest yell/squeal/cheer of joy and surprise possible but without any actual sound coming out. She threw her hands to her mouth immediately and there was no sound. But she was hopping in the chair with excitement. I want to tell more people like that.

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