Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Isn't this a cool picture?

I don't know how long Yahoo! will keep it on their website, but their official description is: "A human embryo is pictured in the eighth week of pregnancy in this undated photo by Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson. Now 81, Nilsson shot to world fame in 1965 when the American magazine Life ran 16 pages of pictures from his book 'A Child is Born' showing the development of a human fetus in the womb. NO ARCHIVE. NO SALES. ONE TIME USE ONLY. MANDATORY CREDIT. REUTERS/Lennart Nilsson/FEATURE SWEDEN-PHOTOGRAPHER"

This is the same stage we're at, although the ultrasound we got today didn't actually look like this one. We were supposed to get better pictures but their printer was broken. They said we could come back at any time they'd do another ultrasound for free and if we brought a VHS tape, they'd record it, too. But, The Baby is at 1.47 cm and their heartbeat is 176. We needed 120 to get sign-off to be referred to a normal baby doctor. The doctor at the clinic said that this baby has a 95% chance, so there's no reason not to start telling people. He also OK'd The Wife's hair color product (she found a more natural kind on the internet) and told her of a few pretty standard cold medicines that it's ok for her to take so she'll be able to finally kick this cold. He's predicting June 12.

The Wife is telling some of her bosses tomorrow. I'm telling one or two of mine today. I guess that makes them tier-one-and-a-half or we need to renumber our telling-tiers. :) The rest of the co-workers will have to wait until mid-November.

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