Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Like, gag me with a toothbrush!

The Wife hasn't been experiencing morning sickness, but reports that throwing up is not something that seems like it could be a possibility. Brushing her teeth seems to be a big trigger for the gag reflex. Breakfast wasn't breakfast a few days ago, but otherwise, she's been able to sit quietly for a few minutes and the moment passes.

The Puppy has become Man's Best Friend and Woman's Nightmare. He bites and we're trying to train him not to. He's mostly pretty good with me. All of The Wife's attempts just result in The Puppy getting more keyed up and hyper and wanting to bite more. We're hoping that He grows out of it. The Wife, trying her hardest, goes from "Look at me! I'm learning to be more patient." to "I really hope this baby is less trying." to "Where's The Dog's Leash? I need to strangle him." She really does love The Puppy. Just wishes she could have all of his teeth removed so the biting wouldn't hurt so much.

Editorial side-note: There are way too many ways to count this pregnancy. It's no wonder no one has a clue until you're racing through town scaring people and hitting bicyclists. By the end-of-last-period method, we're at week 7. By the conception date, we're at week 5. Babycenter.com takes our projected due date and works backwards splitting the difference to come up with week 6. We're now on day 32. That's one completed month by normal calendars. But it's already a few days into "lunar month 2." This lunar month stuff is a bunch of hooey. Lunar months are like February, with only 28 days. It breaks the pregnancy down more evenly, but The Wife and I theorize that this is only so women can whine "It's really ten months. You're really pregnant for ten months!" and try to solicit more sympathy.

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