Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Life-Changing: It's Not Just a Catchphrase...

I've really appreciated reading other parent's blogs. It seems like daily I find a new one. The common thread among them all is just how much a baby changes everything. Everything. Forever. And Always. I've heard this all before. But it's kinda scary, like you've seen the roller-coaster and now the gates have opened, you've stepped into the car, sat down and pulled the restraint into place. Click, click, click, click. It's too late, you're committed. The ride operators have already walked the line pulling on everyone's restraint to make sure it's secure and they're now walking away from the track waving their hand in a circular motion above their head signalling to the guy in the booth that the train is ready to leave the station. You've seen the tracks, you've heard the screams, but until you've taken the ride, there's no way you can fully appreciate what everyone who's gone before you has said.

And that's scary. Because that means as much as I psych myself up for the ride, I'm already falling short. I will survive the ride, but as thrilling/rough/terrifying as the roller-coaster will be, I cannot adequately prepare myself. I cannot be ready, mentally prepared and accepting of the role.

I'm really appreciating other blogs. While it's always been said that women are more verbal while men are more visual, blogs are allowing us guys to share as well. With the exception of Monkey's Wonder Mom, all of my blogs are written by men. I think it's because I was searching for blogs from new fathers or dads-to-be, but it's really great to see other guys futher along this journey than I. You just can't get this from spending time or talking to other dads. Who has the time?

The New Puppy is helping me to see what a challenge this will be. I've never had a dog before and as a new Dog Owner, my life is not the same as it was Before Dog. As it poops on the carpet once again, pees on the concrete pad just feet from the nice unlandscaped dirt yard once again, or is found in the office again hoping to make a meal out of the goodies in the Cat box, I can see that being a Dad is going to be lots and lots of work. Granted, I think the Child will probably not have a penchant for the Cat's version of Almond Roca, but there will be plenty of other things for the Child to put in their mouth that they shouldn't.

A blog I just found today, "The Dad Chronicles" is an amazing piece of writing. Especially the "Great Blackout Adventure." I highly recommend it. Link on the right.

I welcome the upcoming uncertainty because I know it's a beautiful thing. I'm excited. I just wish I could prepare.

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