Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Can't Do It Without You, Babe

We have some friends who have a very adorable child, not sure of the age, but relatively new. Not talking much yet, but now walking. Whenever we see them, you just tend to say hi to their child first, and them second. To the point where we've joked about it and they've dismissed it with a wave saying it happens all the time.

A really huge fear for me is that as we celebrate The Baby, pray for The Baby, wait for The Baby, learn more about The Baby, that the The Wife would feel that I'm less into her. Which is so not the case. She's doing all the work and The Baby is a unique creation of just the two of us. I'm trying to make sure that I'm always telling her how important she is to me separate from The Baby, and how much I love her without reference to The Baby. But as I read more and more about all the stuff one goes through, I wonder if sometimes that it won't seem like I'm being genuine, or that even if she's still #1, if The Baby is a really, really close second, with the potential of taking the #1 spot.

Nope, that's yours for life, Babe.

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