Sunday, October 12, 2003


Today we were talking to our friends and said "Hey, fun fact. Did you know that the baby's heart begins to beat on day 21 or 22?" I didn't even get to say that our baby's heart had been beating for a day or two. They had already figured it out. He looked pretty happy and she was thrilled. She had been just telling us she was tired and not feeling well. All of the sudden she was jumping up and down. Then we got in our car a few minutes later and instantly my cell phone rang. It was the other couple we had planned to tell calling. We were both going to be at the same place later today and they were going to follow us back to our house to see the new puppy but they were calling to say that they weren't going to be able to come with us afterwards; their baby had kept them up a long time last night, they'd see us at the thing, but not come over with us. So we called them back and said we were coming over. As soon as The Wife began to say "Well, we decided to come overe here since we had something to tell you and didn't want a lot of people around but you screwed that up." and they figured it out. They weren't as extremely overjoyed as we thought they'd be, but we attribute that to their own sleepiness from having a new baby of their own. When we saw them later, the wife and The Wife and the other couple's wife went upstairs so that they could talk while the new mom nursed. We all get the impression that the other couple's wife also would like to start a family.

There's another couple who we'll tell a little early; they're expecting April 4th. But not just yet.

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