Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Sleep, the elusive friend

Playing a game recently, the question was asked "What is your favorite time of day?" The Wife's answer? "When I'm asleep." I mocked sadness and suggested that there must be something about her waking life that she enjoyed.

But seriously, sleep is her best friend and there isn't enough of it. It doesn't help any that in addition to The Puppy (who we've now trained to sleep outside in his kennel!!!! hooray!!!!) The Wife had to go and rescue a Tiny Kitten. The mews are so quiet that it doesn't keep us up, but it's another thing to take care of. Temporarily -- I've put my foot down. We rescued a Stray two years ago and we do not need a fourth cat. This Kitten will be an easy sell, though. Tiny with no apparently health problems. Just needs some love. We may have found a new home for it already.

Time, we need more. Sleep, we definitely need more.

The book says one will start to feel more and more tired now. This is definitely the case.

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