Monday, November 17, 2003

Tiny, Tiny Babies!

Your baby has tiny fingernails now and the ability to kick, swallow, and move. Pretty impressive for someone the size of a lipstick tube. That will change soon; within the next few weeks, your featherweight child should double in size and you may be able to see — via ultrasound — whether you're carrying a boy or a girl. -- from

We told another couple we're really close to at dinner on Saturday. We had a nice long talk at dinner about the implications and their desire to have kids after they're married in May. Then on Sunday we finally got the woman from church who told us on The Wife's birthday that she was pregnant alone and was talking to her about how she was doing and we asked how far along she was and she said "20 weeks" and The Wife said "I'm 11 weeks." and the woman just froze for a few seconds and then just started beaming and had to hug us both. Then we were at lunch with her and another friend and talking about her shower and about how the couple that had a baby two weeks early in September wasn't prepared and so how this woman should have her shower early, like in March, since it's being thrown by a friend from out of town who's coming in to town. And so The Wife says "Well then I guess I should have mine in April" and the woman who didn't yet know completely missed it, thought The Wife was throwing another shower for the other woman or something. Kinda funny. Then she was a little embarassed when we explained to her what we meant.

We should get to tell people every day.

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