Monday, May 31, 2004

Don't make me explain

I want to skip work tomorrow. I am the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I am tired of "Still no baby?" It didn't help that on Friday The Wife picked me up for the appointment, so colleagues saw me running towards the street. They didn't seem to notice me getting into the passenger seat or realize that I was running to nowhere near the parking garage where my car was.

So I'm going to get it all over again tomorrow. "Still no baby?" "I thought they were going to induce." Um, yes, we had The Baby. The Wife is at the hospital but I felt like coming in to work.


We've done a lot of walking, even took the 75 pound monster with us tonight. Not sure when, if ever, he'll get to see The Baby. He's kind of stupid and likes to bite and slobber.

Today was probably the first day we didn't talk about The Baby much. We did some cleaning, watched a movie, went to a BBQ, but mostly just hung out quietly. She'll come when she's ready, I guess.

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