Friday, May 28, 2004

Still not a dad

It actually seems like with each day I'm getting further and further away from actually becoming dad.
At the 38-week appointment today, The Doctor made no mention of the planned induction for next Tuesday.  When we asked, she started to explain the difference between a medical induction and a non-medical one and we stopped her and reminded her that she had said last Friday that we would do a medical one on Tuesday.
She said that she only planned to do that if The Wife's swelling had not gotten any better or if The Wife had gained weight.  Now. she just planned to let nature take its course and if a week had gone by past the due date, then they would induce for medical reasons.
Information that would have been useful LAST WEEK.  I am so ticked off by that omission.  I told all my co-workers that I would be out, nearly definitely, my parents adjusted their flight and hotel plans and we got all mentally ready to welcome The Baby.  Now we're told it could be THREE MORE WEEKS?  Again, information that would have been helpful LAST WEEK. 

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