Wednesday, May 19, 2004

T-minus 23 days... sleep, where art thou?

The Wife is now officially on maternity leave from work. So, she stays up late and sleeps in. So, I stay up late, but then get up early to ride the exercise bike, read the Bible, watch Bloomberg and get the bills caught up. So, I'm now not getting enough sleep. And the work is piling on at work. They don't seem to realize that at just about any moment I could suddenly become unavailable for several days and then less productive for awhile after that.

The Wife's mom says that we will be on time or early. I can live with that. Being late would give The Wife extra time off from work, though, which I'm sure she'd appreciate.

We still do not yet have a pediatrician or daycare arrangements. Or our bags packed. Or our call list finalized. Starting to feel overwhelmed.

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