Monday, May 10, 2004

T-minus one month

Well, according to our most recent official due date, one month, 32 days, if you count today. We've had one other 6/12 and I'd swear at one point, there was a third, 6/14. Not to mention reasons for other dates, such as 6/1 since her mom and are were born on the first of our respective birthmonths, or the 11th., since it's already a special day each month for her mom and I. Holding out for her to be born on Father's Day does not look likely, though, it's unseasonably late this year. Of course, then there's the daily baby journal we're reading which puts the date at 6/11, or 33 days left.

Status-wise, we're not all ready yet. Phone list of people to call, separated into "call in labor" and "call after delivery"? Check. Carseat? Check. Installed? Uh, not yet. Crib? Check. Assembled? Check. Armoire? On order. Changing table? On its side in the carport, mostly stripped and waiting to be repainted. Bouncer? Check. Mobile? Check. Diapers? Check, sort of. Only about 6-8 days' worth (possibly being too liberal in my estimate) on hand. Bags for hospital? Uh... hmmm... big one on the still-to-do-list.

Over the weekend we had an opportunity to talk to D&SC who had WDC at the end of February. They were confirming TP's promise that we will love being parents and that while it will change things, it won't be the end of the world. A very uninformed very fat very crabby lady at Toys 'R Us offered us congratulations and then pleaded with us to go out to dinner every night because once the baby was born, we would NEVER EVER EVER get to go out to eat again. We smiled politely at her unsolicited badvice and tried to tell her about the baby-swap program in our Sunday school class. She didn't know exactly what to do with that, so she stammered a little bit about how we'd never get to go out to eat again.

It's coming and I'm ready to fully embrace it. Bring it on, baby.

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