Friday, May 21, 2004

T-minus 7 days?

The Doctor this morning announced that The Baby is probably on the large side of average and she is also positioned lower than most 'first' babies. (Yay, overacheiver!) As a result, The Doctor doesn't want us going to full term, but wants the baby out sooner.

The lower baby position also explains why the swelling is taking longer to go away (when it does go away) and the pain in The Wife's feet. We knew that swelling that didn't go away and pain were possibly symptoms of a problem, so we mentioned them to the Doctor today and she gave us a few more symptoms we should look for before we worry and we haven't seen any of those. (The low baby presses on ateries and makes circulation more difficult to the lower part of the body.)

The Doctor plans to "strip the membrane" next Friday, a technique that in some case causes labor to begin. One person it's worked for 100% of the time is The Wife's Mom, so chances are we could be in labor next Friday. In any case, The Doctor said if that doesn't work, on to bigger attempts (petocin - lame!) early the next week.

The Wife hopes to avoid petocin at all costs. It's pretty effective at starting labor, but can cause more painful labor and other unpleasant side effects.

The HR Director is seeming to now go back on the plans we had approved at least a month ago and is either being incredibly unclear, incredibly unsympathetic to people who need time off or downright ignoring the law. And going on vacation starting next Friday.

In any case, we may be reading the last few entries in the pregnancy journal while holding The Baby.

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